XR Height Adjustable Finned Crazy-Hubs Axle Carriers

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Motor over heating?  Wanting to lower the center of gravity so you can confidently cruise around corners at a higher rate of speed? Or are you needing that extra added clearance to be able to ride your board up that steep terrain a stock board just cant make up? The lifted settings can also get you through that loose tall sand at the beach that that stock height just cant get through! The possibilities are limitless!

Machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum for the ultimate strength, rigidity, and cooling capabilities. These axle carriers allow 5 height positions, stock .4 inch raised, .8 inch raised and the same .4 and .8 inch drop. These carriers also wrap around and clamp to the axle. This increases rigidity, improves motor cooling, and eliminates the inner axle bolts from loosening up. 

These are compatible with OEM XR Rails & ALL aftermarket XR Rails.