Pre-Order!! Aluminum Fender Delete - Onewheel GT

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**9-18-23 UPDATE** Coming Soon!! We have a limited # of colors available in this 1st batch of deletes with an expected delivery at the end of September not August! If the color has a estimated shipping date next to it then that means you will be one of the lucky ones to receive Deletes out of this batch! If it says sold out then you will need to wait till batch #2!

This is a 1Wheel Parts & Tech-Rails collaboration!!

These fender deletes were designed to fit OEM/Stock & MOST aftermarket rails! Our design has a wider opening to maximize tire clearance. This extra clearance helps prevent objects from getting lodged in between the tire and board. This also makes our delete ideal for wider aftermarket tires.

The mud guard shield is made from a 3d Printed Carbon fiber for the lightest/strongest option possible! These deletes are top notch!


  • Future Motion - [OEM/Stock Rails]
  • Tech-Rails - [ALL Models]
  • The Float Life - [WTF, Steep & Deep, Standard, Low-Riders]
  • MOB - [Lightening, Mustache]