About Us

Welcome to 1 Wheel Parts!

Established in July of 2019 in Lewisville Texas just north of Dallas by Brad Jennings. We are a small family ran business catering to the Onewheel and E-Skate communities. All of our products are designed by riders for riders. We pride ourselves in the constant innovation of our products. We strive for perfection which leads to innovation.

Meet the team!

Brad Jennings- 

Brad started 1 Wheel Parts LLC June of 2019 in Lewisville Tx. 1 Wheel Parts was established with 1 thing in mind. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!! One of Brad's greatest passion's in life has always been designing products and producing them. Immediately after being introduced to the Onewheel Brad found another passion! With the rapid growth of Onewheels popularity and the need for quality aftermarket accessories it only made sense to merg these 2 passions together! After that Brad did a complete 180 and directed all of his focus and resources on his new found passion and direction. Brad's daily routine is building the website, developing new products, running the social media pages, emails, and helping Austin produce and package products.

Jeff Adair-

Jeff is a Dallas native that dropped onto the scene in early 2021. He quickly gained notoriety as being one of the fastest riders out there. After placing 2nd in the ORL Western Qualifier his rookie year he was invited to "Race for the Rail". By the end of his 1st racing season he was ranked #2 in the world! Jeff joined our team in May of 2022 as our social media marketing content creator as well as a sponsored rider for 1Wheel Parts and Tech-Rails. We are excited to see what's next for this Onewheel Super Star! Check out his YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@jeffadairshreds

Austin Walters-

In June of 2020 Austin joined 1 Wheel Parts making it a 2 man team! Chances are if you had custom designed grip tape you were dealing directly with him! His daily activities are creating YouTube videos for our channel, producing product, and getting all the orders out the door.  Austin is also a serious shredder! 

Luke Andraski-
Luke helps us turn our concepts into machinable realities! Brad and Luke met at an international engineering contest that the Veterans Affair put on to help combat Covid-19. After their team won the competition;) Brad and Luke stayed in contact to help each other out on their various projects full time!