Used Pint / Pint X™ Tire

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These are USED Vegas with between 1-20miles on them that were taken off of customers boards.


The Vega is compatible with Onewheel+, and Onewheel XR.

Rubber Compound

Food for thought... I have seen all 3 of these compounds of the tires last anywhere between 800-2500mi. There are sooo many variables(road conditions like dirt, rock, concrete, grass, hot roads/cold roads; riders weight, straight line riding vs. carving all the time, how aggressively you carve, what Psi you ride at, and your weight, etc) all play a factor in the life of your tire. So with all that being said it is impossible to know how long a tire will last you. When the tire is miss shaped that is when we recommend swapping your tire out for a new one. Just because it is not flat does not mean it is not time to change it out! Treat yourself to a nice smooth ride! Swap out that miss shaped tire for a new one! You deserve it!

D10- This is the softest/stickiest compound. This tire will wear out slightly sooner than the D20. Depending on your weight and the PSI you run your tire at will affect tire life.

D20- This tire compound has the best of both worlds. So if you can't make up your mind this is a great option for you :) 

D30- This compound is much softer/stickier than the stock Vega. This tire will wear the longest due to it being the hardest of these three high performance tire compounds. 

Vega- This is the tire that the Onewheel XR/+/V1 come from the factory with. This tire has a rating of around D60. The harder compound makes it less grippy on and off-road. Also, the Vega is not as round as the performance tires we have listed on this site.