Ice Blocks - GT/GTS Height Adjustable Axle Carriers

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Motor over heating? Doing a GTR conversion? Worried about axel strength? Wanting to lower the center of gravity so you can confidently cruise around corners at a higher rate of speed? Or are you needing that extra added clearance to be able to ride your board up that steep terrain a stock board just cant make up? The lifted settings can also get you through that loose tall sand at the beach that that stock height just cant get through! The possibilities are limitless!
Machined from solid billet aircraft grade aluminum for the ultimate strength, rigidity, and cooling capabilities. These carriers provide 5 height positions with a 1" maximum raise or drop. They also have our proprietary clamping system. This wraps the carrier around the axle and clamps tight to it providing a drastic increase in strength and rigidity as well as pulling heat from the stator. This heat is dissipated through integral heat sinks. With the included shim they are also GTR compatible if desired. Therefore, these carriers offer four distinct performance advantages; 
  1.  90 degree rotated axle for much improved strength. This orients the axle to focus the stresses in the strongest orientation.
  2. Wrap around axle clamping. This clamping achieves increased chassis rigidity and drastically improved thermal transfer from stator into the carrier and into the frame rail.
  3. Finned design for stator cooling.
  4. Lightened design. We eliminated material from areas where it is not needed.
  5. Five height positions. (This increases to 10 positions when used with our newest rails.
  6. Improved harness routing.
  7. Rotated axle provides 1/4 inch of added motor wire length.
  8. Compatible with virtually all aftermarket rails.
  9. They are compatible with the stock GT wheel or GTR conversions by way of an included offset spacer. 

We utilized the unique thermal dissipation qualities of 6061 to increase the cooling capabilities of our Ice Blocks. We also include titanium hardware for corrosion resistance and light weight [stainless clamping screw]. Order these in conjunction with our newest 007 or 357 Skeleton rails for the ultimate Onewheel chassis!

 Compatibility: Ice Blocks will fit any rail that use Stock FM carriers(except Lightening Rails). If you have older model Tech-Rails that came with their own carriers, Ice Blocks will not fit.

  • Future Motion - [OEM/Stock Rails]
  • Tech-Rails - [ALL Models]
  • The Float Life - [WTF, Steep & Deep, Standard, Low-Riders]
  • MOB - [Mustache]

Ice blocks use 6mm & 5mm Hex/Allen Wrench. We include a 4mm Ball End Allen Wrench for the axle clamp screw.