Tire Candy Premium Tire Sealant

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Tire sealant is a must for every tire change. The Onewheel comes from the factory with sealant in every tire. The rubber used for Onewheel tires is extremely soft and punctures easily. Without sealant you will find yourself with a flat sooner than later! Luckily for us we have Tire Candy! Tire Candy can fill/repair punctures caused by objects up to 1/2" in diameter. 

Don't be fooled! Not all tire sealants are created equally! 

100% bottled and produced in the USA!

Onewheel Tire = 1 Bottle

EUC Tire= 1 Bottle

E Bike Tire= 1 Bottle

Karting Tire= 1 Bottle

E-Skate Tire= 1/4 Bottle

Scooter Tire= 1/4 Bottle 


  • Tire Sealant 8oz
  • Valve core replacement
  • Valve core removal tool/valve stem