Street Sparks Refill Set

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Burned through a set of sparks or just want an extra set for the next group ride. Make sure to grab a refill set! One set of 7 ferro pucks, for use with street sparks plate/holder. 

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18+ to purchase, this product produces large embers, do not use in areas prone to fire such as but not limited to: areas under wildfire warning, gas stations, near dry vegetation, wooded or trail areas, or near any other flammable materials. 

Only intended to be dragged from the rear of the board, do not attach to front bumper or attempt to scrape while riding in reverse. 

We recommend only using this product on smooth even surfaces, if dragged across cracks or imperfections on riding surface the device may catch or snag and could cause the product to be damaged or rider injury. 

The user assumes all risk and holds Fluid Theory LLC and any distributor of this product harmless. Hazards of using this product can include injuries or even death. User assumes all risk and liability, as well as any negligence leading to any property damage for user or third parties.