Squishy for Onewheel GT OEM/Stock Foot Pad [Front & Rear Compatible]

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**11-28-2023 Update**
We are sold out of inventory. We plan on doing a relaunch after we receive feedback from all our riders. Expect a relaunch in February.

**This listing is for 1 foot pad ONLY! If you want a complete set be sure to add BOTH a front and back foot pad separately to the cart.**

With over 4 years of innovation we have quickly become the industry leader in foam grip tape. Our foam grip tape quickly rose in popularity after the Hexagon design became a favorite for our Pro Rider Jeff Adair! Just like Jeff and his racing strategies, we never give up the constant quest for performance. From this shared passion the Squishy was created. The squishy is unlike ANY other footpad on the market when it comes to comfort! We teamed up with the top engineers in the world that specialize in this new manufacturing method to bring the next level of technology to the grip tape industry. This technology is used by the Addidas shoe company, bicycle seats, and boxing gloves to name a few. The squishy looks like it was cooked out a SiFi movie! We utilized different zones of hexagonal lattice densities to provide the most supportive, squishiest, lightest footpad possible!! NO MORE HEAVY SOLID RUBBER FOOTPADS!!! The squishy is UV3D printed from a specially formulated patented resin that is that is virtually indestructible! It will also never loose its shape or squishiness!! The Squishy also protects the sensor from jagged rock impacts that can puncture the sensor when it is underneath traditional style grip tape. The squishy has perforation relief holes designed right into the the bottom of the foot pad to ensure no sensor engagement issues! We have had ZERO engagement issues. In fact we have had greatly improved sensor engagement! So for all you feather weight riders out there this is for you!! It can also be regripped with your favorite ignite foam grip tape or hexagons when you wear out your grip tape from all the extra miles you will be able to put on your board because your feet wont be complaining! The softness of this pad can be compared to memory foam but with the strength of a indestructible rubber! ALL Squishes Come with our 2mm foam. This layer of foam allows for our grip tape to not tear apart under the extreme squishiness of our squishy foot pad! The 4mm is not needed or recommended. However we know there are those die hard 4mm lovers out there so we offer it as an upgraded option so we don't get slammed with a bunch of email requests :)


  • 1 Squishy Foot Pad that is compatible for the front or rear foot pad.
  • 1 Ignite 2mm or 4mm Foam Grip Tape
  • 1 3M Perforated double sided adhesive tape cut for GT OEM/Stock foot pad 


Patent Pending