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For most Onewheel applications the Red Torque Limiter is going to be your most used option. However... these tools are so bad ass we figured you may want this one to add to the kit! This is the perfect Limiter for your controller/battery box lids as they require a lower torque setting of only 10lbs-in. 

Use Fix It Sticks' All-in-One Torque Limiter Driver to tighten down every screw on the Onewheel, while on the go, or at home, with +/- 10% accuracy. You'll never over or under tighten critical components on your Onewheel again! 

It's easy to use, too. Turn the drive handle until the hash mark lines up with the torque value you need (from 6 - 25 in-lb) and you're ready to get to work. The All-in-One Torque Driver accepts any standard 1/4" bit, fits into any standard 1/4" driver and integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks tools and our T-Way Driver (not included). 

Do NOT USE this for the Hub Axel Bolts. You will need to tighten those down by hand. We recommend getting those as tight as you possibly can by hand with our Ratcheting T-Way Wrench to insure you don't over torque them and snap the head off the bolt. ALWAYS USE THE NON-RATCHETING SIDE OF THE T-WRENCH WHEN TORQUING DOWN THE HUB BOLTS!!

• Accepts any standard 1/4" bit

• Fits into any standard 1/4" driver

 GT Torque Specs:

  • 250in-lb Hub Bolts TP45 (DO NOT USE A LIMITER!!)
  • 50in-lb Motor Plate Cover
  • 35in-lb Footpad to Rails
  • 30-35in-lb Footpad to Bumper
  • 20in-lb Bumper to Rails
  • 35-45in-lb Rails to Controller/Battery Box
  • 10in-lb Controller/Battery Box Security Screws


    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -