Ignite Lift/Lowering Kit for Onewheel XR

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This is our newly designed product exclusively brought to you by 1 Wheel Parts. This innovative design was created in house by our lead Tech Austin and our resident Engineer Luke, to help overcome certain obstacles they have encountered while riding off road.

The Ignite Lift Kit provides your board with over 1" of extra clearance that will enable your board to clear steep inclines you never thought possible without slowing you down while off-roading!

No modifications are required to the wiring harness and the lift also provides reinforcement to the rails so you are far less likely to bend them. With our easy install design all you will have to do is flip your hub, which allows extra slack to ensure the wiring harness is not strained so no damage will come to your wires, and bolt it on. And now the impossible has been made possible!

For those of you that want to lower your Onewheel the lifters can be turned upside down to be lowered 1-1/8".

Patent Pending


  • 1 Pair of Ignite Hub Lifters + backer plates
  • 8 Black Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts

    Here are some reviews customers have left us about the Ignite Lift Kits.

    @wheelcarver- "The #ignitelift exceeds my hopes! They transform the Onewheel capabilities on rough trails, steep carves and uphill obstacles. Went way more technical today than I would ever try with the stock balanced height. The uphill trail riding experience enables the nose to clear so many more rocks, roots or just steepness. The tail also has more clearance for rough downhills too. The Lift Kit raises, thus extends the moment arm my toes and heels can apply relative to the corner of the tire in a carve. Longer moment arm allows more torque to lean the board over farther. It also raises the weight of the deck which increases the angular momentum during a deep carve. This creates a stabilizing effect that surprisingly and comfortably countered the inherent increase of instability resulting from having the board center of gravity higher than the wheel’s axis of rotation.
    It felt both more nimbly in initiating carved and more stable in holding them. I was worried about twisting my ankles easier when the #onewheel rolls onto its side out from under you when you hit off camber obstacles (sharp rock on outer third), traction under the tire is too low (wet grass) or sand slides out. Yet with the #ignitelaunchpads EVA pad with epoxy paint sealed over perfectly spaced 24 grit and the treaded tire (30A) at about 15 psi I could recover most of the rollouts with ankle control. Does all that makes sense?"

    Johnathan T-  "Sooooo just wanted to say yalls lift kit is awesome. I’m sad it took me this long to order it lol. Just took it through 10 miles of trails for the first time. After reading things online it seemed like people’s main concern was how it would effect the boards performance torque wise and side to side on the off camber trails. I’ve never ridden a board that had a lift kit but decided to chance it anyway and it was worth every penny. Every place I couldn’t make it through before I was able to this time. It’s a game changerrrrrrr 🤣🤣. Also Austin’s videos are awesome and made this install and the water proofing super easy. Thanks for making awesome stuff"