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**8-25-2022 Due to popular demand we are bringing back our Hexagon Grip Tape for the Onewheel! We are currently testing out various designs for the GT front foot pad sensor. Pint & XR will be available in the coming weeks.**

These hexagons are 3"x3.5" which is the same shape and size as our IGNITE FOAM GRIP TAPE HEXAGONS FOR E-SKATE & ONEWHEEL that's sold on our website. These are great to have as spares so you can replace the most prone areas to wear and tear without having to replace your whole entire grip tape saving you time and money!

Tired of foot fatigue? Are your feet slipping around while off-roading? Wanting improved response... Ignite Foam Grip Tape is your answer. Our grip tape is the strongest, grippiest, most durable grip tape on the market! We take our Ignite 24 grit grip tape and laminate it to our specially formulated 2mm or 4mm Shock Absorbing Gel Foam. This foam is dialed in! With over 3 years in R&D and market research in the onewheel industry we can confidently say that you will instantly be hooked! Our adhesive leaves virtually ZERO residue when removed. It can easily be removed while at the same time adhering securely to any style footpad on the market. Including: WOOD, PLASTIC, RUBBER, POLYCARBONATE, URETHANE, ALUMINUM, METAL, & MANY MORE!!  We are 100% confident that you will instantly be blown away by the change in the quality of your ride that we have a MONEY BACK GUARENTEE on all our Ignite Grip Tape! Join the 1000's of happy customers that have chosen Ignite Grip Tape as their go to Grip Tape for Onewheels and E-Skateboards!

No matter what foot pad style you have we have you covered! We have measured ALL the most popular REAR & FRONT footpads available to date on the market to ensure the perfect fit!

ALL Ignite Grip Tape/Foam Grip Tape is PERFORATED to insure an easy install without the possibility of causing footpad sensor issues!

After testing multiple designs we have finally cracked the code for no ghosting issues on the new concave front foot pad sensors of the GT! Due to the known ghosting issues of the GT and different riding styles we are recommending the use of Simple Stop. At this moment Future Motion is recommending to all their customers to activate Simple Stop on their mobile app to insure no possibilities of ghosting.  From our testing we have seen where our foam grip tape fixed the issue of ghosting boards. The springiness of our foam helps to pull the sensors apart from each other so they don't accidently detect a rider. I really think we nailed it with this version! However, if Future Motion can’t guarantee their boards not to ghost neither can we. So if you are worried about ghosting turn on your Simple Stop! We will not be liable for any damages caused by a ghosting board.

Q&A from Customers:

Q. What causes a board to "Ghost"?(foot pad sensor engages with no rider on the board) A. Several things can cause ghosting. 1st Common problem is from over heating the Foot Pad sensor. This happens when removing the "Stock" grip tape. We recommend using very little heat. Just enough heat to get the surface area of the grip tape to 125F.  2nd Common problem is caused when air is trapped in-between the grip tape and the sensor. This creates an air pocket that puts pressure on the sensor causing it to engaging. ALL Ignite Grip Tape & Foam Grip Tape is PERFORATED to insure no air pockets get trapped in between the sensor and grip tape.

Q. Will the foam tear, where out, or flatten if used by aggressive 200+LBS riders? A. No this foam will not wear out or crush!

Q. Will the Images wear off that are printed on the Grip Tape? How do you recommend to clean the grip tape? A. We recommend using a brush. You can add water while brushing to get it looking NEW! When using water we recommend using our Epoxy Foot Pad Sensor Sealant / Plastic & Wood Repair Kit. To insure your FRONT Foot Pad Sensor is properly sealed.

Q. After installing my FRONT foot pad sensor back on my board it will not engage... A. 99 out of 100 times its because you have your tire cable pugged into your foot pad connector and your foot pad cable plugged into your tire cable connector.

Q. Is REMOVAL of the Foam Grip Tape difficult? Do you need a heat gun? A. No, our customized specially formulated 3M adhesive allows for easy removal. You heard that right! We had our 3M double sided adhesive customized so it will stick to wood, plastic, rubber, urethan, & foam. The best part is that all of this was achieved with virtually ZERO residue when removed!

Q. Why is the Foam Grip Tape tearing off in pieces when I am removing it? A. Make sure to pull off our adhesive liner at the same time as the foam. This will insure the foam and grip tape all come off in one piece and not 100's of tiny foam pieces.

Q. Can I install Ignite Grip Tape/Foam Grip Tape on top of my existing grip tape or do I need to remove my old grip tape? A. REMOVE your old grip tape! We NEVER recommend this practice. It is risky and can cause ghosting issues.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please click on the Grip Tape Install video below for complete instructions.

**When removing the front pad grip tape be sure you DO NOT REMOVE the top layer of plastic on the front foot pad sensor. ALWAYS remove tape by pulling it across the surface of the foot pad. NEVER PULL AWAY from the foot pad in a Upwards motion which can cause the sensor to delaminate and cause engagement issues**

WARNING: Stock grip tape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous - DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  1Wheel Parts LLC is not responsible for bodily injury or property damages.