6" Billet Wheel - GTS/GT/XR/Pint X/Pint

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**2-16-24** Limited Stock!!! Buy NOW!!! Re-stock is 30 days out on ALL Tech-Rail products!!!

These wheels were designed to fit the GT, however with the use of a shim they can be installed on XR & Pints! All Wheel orders include a 1.5mm shim that can be used for XR & Pints. These shims are not compatible with the XR Crazy Hubs or Pint 357-T Rails. For pint rails you will still be limited to the pint size tires and not the XR size tires.

Yes you heard that right! This hub was designed to fit the XR size tire and NOT the stock GT 11"x6"x6.5" tire! The extra 1/2" sidewall height of the XR VS a GT tire is ideal because it makes the ride so much smoother than stock. This also allows for a much larger tire selection! Hands down this is the biggest ride improvement you can do to your one wheel. Rides like butter!

With over 1 year of R&D on this project we are proud to launch the Pre-Order for the GT Billet Wheel from Tech-Rails. We have a limited number of 60 already ordered with an expected delivery date sometime mid to late June. If there is a "[1st Batch Shipping End of June]" next to the product then that signifies you will be receiving a wheel out of the first batch being sent. After each color is sold out from the first batch we will be listing the estimated shipping date of the next batch next to the color. We estimate the 2nd batch to be completed somewhere around the end of July! All Orders will be sent out in the order they were received! First come.. First served!! So don't wait to put in an order if you are wanting a wheel before the end of July!

Introducing the Billet Wheel from Tech-Rails! With the exception of a VESC conversion, this is the first and only motor performance enhancement upgrade part for a Onewheel!! This motor Weighs in at only 5lb 10 oz! That is 4oz lighter than a stock GT Hub! This is a wheel ONLY the stator is not included. You will need to use your OEM GT Stator from your Onewheel GT. This wheel is machined from a solid aluminum billet. The magnets were then upgraded from a N42 to a N48H with a heat rating of over 250℉! That's double the rating of stock magnets!!! Stock magnets start to deplete their strength after only 145degrees! So no more laggy motors after you ride hard and over heat them!

All Billet wheels come with OEM quality bearings installed and stainless steel motor plate cover screws. Both of these items can be upgraded.  We highly recommend upgrading to the FAG's if you want the best and are a junkie for performance!


  • Wheel weighs only 5lb 10oz [4oz less than a stock GT]
  • 3 piece wheel design with finned removable covers on each side of the wheel
  • 14 wheel cover screws per cover vs 7 on the stock wheel for greater rigidity
  • Higher efficiency giving you better range and more power
  • n48 vs n42 magnets
  • 25% tighter magnet gap to increase motor efficiency
  • Tech-Rails propriety back iron manufacturing technique allows for a thicker back iron than OEM for greater magnet efficiency
  • Compatible with XR size tires
  • Better cooling
  • Better braking
  • More torque
  • Stronger aluminum VS a stock cast aluminum wheel
  • Easier tire install
  • Anodized vs powder coating for improved cooling efficiency through heat dissipation. Powder coated wheels will trap the heat in!
  • 6 anodized color options


  • Wheel[Stator not included]
  • 28 Stainless Steel Screws [titanium screws available]
  • 2 Motor Plate covers  

Here is some billet wheel info reported by testers and customers recently!

#1 Highest speed yet 27.3mph off road

#2 Pushback seems milder than stock. Please be cautious! I never ride pushback. So, I have not experienced this myself.

#3 FAR less motor heat! The aggressive off road riders have reported 20 degree lower max motor temp. This would be due to greater efficiency pushing more power into forward motion rather than heat.

#4 Very noticeable braking improvement (this has be a universal report by everyone).

#5 Different sound. This is due to the tighter magnet gap and stronger magnets creating resonance. It sounds cool.

#6 Easier bead seating. The bead diameter is identical to stock. But, it is a very smooth bead surface resulting in easier bead seating.

#7 Difficult to tail drag. This is from the improved braking.

We will get you more info as I have it!

DISCLAIMER!! Due to the complexity of this product and its high value we are unable to offer a warranty until further testing has been done. We have not had any issues to date but want to make it clear to everyone that there is NO WARRANTY & RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!! These wheels are intended for competition use. We cannot be responsible for damage or personal injury related to the installation or use of this product. All sales are final and each customer is responsible for proper installation and use of this product. We understand that you guys are just as excited about this new product as we are, so we are doing an early release! We APPRECIATE everyone's support!!


USA & Canada ONLY at this time.