V2 Dragan Toe Hooks

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V2 Dragan  Toe Hooks are compatible with "Hookers" & "Quickies"

If you are planning on mounting these directly to the top of your foot pad we highly recommend picking up a set of our Dragan v2 30deg Angled Wedges and 8mm Spacers. These are NOT compatible with "1WP Hookers" or "1WP Quickies". For Hookers & Quickies we highly recommend our 7Degree Wedge & 8mm Spacers.

 paired with our EVA Foam Surf Traction Pads. These items will help you dial in your V2 Dragan Hooks for the perfect ride.

Introducing the V2 Dragan Toe Hooks. Completely redesigned from scratch. They're lighter, easier to install, more durable and more comfortable than the V1!

  • Maximum Comfort: New ergonomic shape with rubber lining.
  • Impact Resistant: New injection moulded Polypropylene construction.
  • Added Style: Debossed Logo and Strike.
  • Lighter:  22% weight saving compared to the V1's. 
  • Easy Installation: Integrated reinforced bolt slot.  Adjust with just a screwdriver.