Colored Wrap for Footpad Deck & Sensor - Onewheel GT/Pint/XR

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This is a temporary listing untill we can build out the customized listing for this product! So for now please drop us a note in the note tab at checkout. If you forget don't worry we will send out an email to verify what style brand of footpad you have!

These wraps can be placed under our Hexagon Grip tape to show off and help protect the front footpad sensor. Our wraps come perforated to allow for an easy installation on front foot pad sensors and stock FM back footpads. This layer is not needed, but is does offer some protection and looks good to! More color's and options for the back foot pads will be available soon! Unfortunately the cost of the adhesive that we laminate to the bottom of the colored stickers is CRAZY expensive. This extra layer is necessary for the sticker to be able to adhere to all the different materials of footpads out there. This is why we can no longer include these free with orders. These are sold INDIVIDUALLY and not as a pair. Front and Back cutouts are identical. 


  • 1 Protective Layer