5" Billet Wheel GTS/GT

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**2-16-24** Limited Stock!!! Buy NOW!!! Re-stock is 30 days out on ALL Tech-Rail products!!!

Our testing shows positive benefits of a narrowed 6.4 inch size versus the standard 6.5 inch width. The wheel corners more nimble, is a bit lighter, provides more sidewall clearance between the frame rails for wider tires, and improves rim edge protection due to the rim edge being pulled inward. Therefore, this is the width we are going with. This is the culmination of much testing both internally, and by pro racers. All pre-orders come with our OEM bearings installed in our cover plates. We have two cover plate styles. One style fits both the GTS/GT and the other fits both the XR/Pint. The plates you will recieve will be the same color as the wheel you selected. If you would like to mismatch colors you can purchase an additional set of 5" Billet Wheel Cover Plates for GTS/GT here.

ALL OUR 5" WHEELS COME WITH N48 MAGNETS. We chose N48 vs GTS OEM N50 magnets. In our testing N48 have higher torque at higher speeds. So when you slow down to take a turn you have more torque with the N48 vs a N50. The N50 may have more torque off the line but less when you are at riding speeds. N48 also has a higher top speed free spin of 5-8mph faster than the n50 GTS Hub. In our testing the free spin of our wheels on a GTS is 43mph.

All Billet wheels come with OEM quality bearings installed and stainless steel motor plate cover screws. Both of these items can be upgraded.  We highly recommend upgrading to the FAG's if you want the best and are a junkie for performance!