1WP Fender Inserts for Flight Fins GTS/GT/XR/Pint - Stock/Lifted/Lowered

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2-3-2024 **UPDATE** This product will be available again very soon! We are creating additional charts to include bent rails to help cut down on confusion. We have been wanting to offer multiple size fenders for some time now, but have not been able to due to the complexity of the ordering process. We need to be confident our customers are selecting the right height fender for their specific set up so that we don't end up with a mountain of returns that are all custom made to order! We appreciate everyone's support and are very excited to launch these inserts for the FF as well as our own system that is coming out in the next few weeks!

The all new 1Wheel Parts Fender Insert for your Onewheel GT/GTS, XR, Pint, & Pint X is the perfect upgrade to your Flight Fins System. Our new pressure fit design for the Flight Fins System utilizes tapered legs on the outer most edges to help stop the fender from popping off when the Onewheel is nocked over on its side or rolling down a hill. Our fenders consist of multiple layers of polycarbonate & adhesives to create the perfect strength and shape. No more "Cone Head" shaped fenders! We laminate the colors in between the polycarbonate surfaces to ensure durability! These fenders are TOUGH!!

1WP Fender Inserts are only available for "Flight Fin Fender Systems". You CANNOT install these Inserts without a Flight Fins System.

Sizing Chart:

  • +1" Lifted [+0.5" to +1"]
  • +0.5" Lifted [0" to +0.5"]
  • 0" Stock [0" to -0.25"]
  • -0.5" Lowered [-0.25" to -0.75"]
  • -1" Lowered [-0.75" to -1"]


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