0.2mm Axle Shim

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Have a Hub that's making a clicking or clunking sound? Don't worry! This is a totally normal due to a tiny bit of side-to-side play on the axle from manufacturing variances in the stator and hubs. Weather its a OEM hub or aftermarket hub these variances are normal.

These shims can be placed on either side of the axle. These shims are Stainless Steel and measures 0.2mm thick. We sell these in sets of 3

These shims are universal and are compatible with the GTS/GT/XR/Pint X/Pint axle's.


  • 3qty 0.2mm SS Shims



Assemble your wheel 1st without the shims. These wheels are designed to be installed without them. However, sometimes shims are needed because manufacturing tolerance of wheels and the stock stator/axle allow some variance. This variance can cause the wheel to make a clicking or clunking sound due to a tiny bit of side-to-side play on the axle. This is a totally normal manufacturing variance. If your wheel makes this sound after riding it, you will need to disassemble the wheel and install 1 shim on the axle inside the wheel. It can be installed on either the left or right side. Then reassemble the wheel and ride your board to check for any side-by-side play. If there is still play, you will need to repeat the process and add a 2nd or even a 3rd shim if needed.

Do not install these shims unless you have this issue! If it is installed when not required, you can damage the wheel bearings due to too much side pressure on them. If you install the shim, make sure the wheel spins freely on the axle after assembling the wheel.