Ignite Fender System

**UPDATE** 9-03-2021
We have been working tirelessly the past few months and have hit road block after road block in manufacturing this product 100% ourselves at our shop. So we decided it was time to reach out to a local Texas company that was better equipped to handle the volume and complexity of this design.  We plan on making 30 sets of the original design so we can clear out any old inventory we have of our original design. We will then be focusing our attention on developing and releasing a V2 model. We anticipate having this model available this Christmas. Be sure to follow our social media and be subscribed to our email list for any updates.
FYI... with the extra manufacturing help we have been receiving we plan to release a few new products as well as our own RAIL DESIGNS quicker than expected! Expect to see 2 COMPLETLY DIFFERENT rail designs for the XR rolling out over the next few monthsūü•≥
At the moment we have a Pre-Order for the Bearing/Tire Changing Jig. When that pre-order is over and orders start shipping out we will be doing the Pre-order for the V1 Wing System. We expect this to happen on 9-20-2022.