XR Halo Foot Pad

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Introducing another first for the Onewheel market! You are looking at Halo foot pads!  This is a set of front and rear pads. These foot pads feature the following; 

11 inches wide (stock pads are 9 inches). Widest foot pads on the market. 

Modest concave. The stock pads have a drastic concave. These foot pads reduce that for a more comfortable feel. 

CNC machined, not molded. This adds strength and durability. 4 hours of CNC machining time per foot pad! 

Polycarbonate material. This is one of the most durable plastics available. They are also translucent. This allows lights to be added for a fantastic UFO look!  (Lights sold separately). Polycarbonate can also be dyed by the end user to match their color scheme. 

These foot pads come unfinished. Front pressure sensor can either be transplanted from the stock foot pad, or ordered separately. Please email us for more details. Grip tape is also not included and needs to be purchased in the grip tape section of our website.