Tire & Bearing Changing Jig [XR/Plus/V1/Pint]

Tire & Bearing Changing Jig [XR/Plus/V1/Pint]

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Finally there is a jig on the market that will allow you to easily change out a tire on your Onewheel XR or Pint. Please watch the short demo video below to see the Jig in action on a tire change. We have had a ton of you asking for this system so we are doing an early release so we can get this product in your hands ASAP.  We will have more detailed videos coming over the next few days showing how this jig works for bearings! 

Orders will start shipping June 28th! Anodized orders will be shipping mid July.



  • 1 Tire/Bearing Jig Base 
  • 2 C-Clamps [includes 1 set of screws for both the XR & Pint]
  • 1 Vise Adapter for Jig Base [includes 1 set of screws for both the XR & Pint]