Pint 357-T "Skeleton" Rails

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Get them while we have them in stock! We have a limited number of these available. If they are available for purchase, then they are in stock and ready to ship [Unless specified]! We anticipate our next round of 357-T's to be delivered sometime the end of July! All Orders will be sent out in the order they were received! First come.. First served!! So don't wait to put in an order if you are wanting a set before the end of July!

We think you will agree when it comes to the 357-T height adjustable rails that you will be hard pressed to find another rail of its quality on the market. Mathew Shumaker spared no expense when designing this rail system. He had 1 simple goal.. Make the best possible rail's with no restraints on budget! Hear you have it. These are the best rails money can buy!

Here are the specs:

This is a complete chassis system including rails, axle carriers, and titanium axle bolts

Rails have 3.5 degree nose tip up angle, 7 degree tail angle

These rails use an open truss system. This open truss system saves weight, increases strength, and provides an opportunity to introduce "Tuned compliance". Tuned Compliance is a small amount designed-in flex. This slight flex increases ride comfort without sacrificing ride "Feel".

The open trusses also increase cooling by increasing air flow through the rails and onto the axle carriers.

These rails are made from 7075 aluminum. This aluminum is 50% stronger than the stock rail's 6061 aluminum. They are also 15% lighter than stock.

The axle carriers clamp around the axle. This clamping eliminates the tendency of axle bolt from loostening up while riding. It strengthens the chassis. This improves road feel. This clamping also pulls heat from the motor. This heat is shed into the frame rails and shed through cooling fins machined into the axle carrier itself.

The titanium axle bolts are as strong as steel but half the weight.


USA & Canada ONLY at this time.