GTS/GT 357 Katana

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Get them while we have them in stock! We have a limited number of these available. If they are available for purchase, then they are in stock and ready to ship!!

This is the all new 357 Katana from Tech-Rails! The 357 Katana was designed from the successful angles & measurements of the 357-T. The Katanas offer 2 height adjustments, and when paired with our Crazy Hubs you can dial in your height adjustment with even more precision!!! The upper setting on the Katana rails is the same height of a stock GT. The lower setting lowers the center of gravity by 5/8". The lower center of gravity gives you a more stable ride and the ability to take corners faster!

Here are the specs:

3.5 degree nose angle, 7 degree tail angle

Two ride height positions [Stock & Lowered 5/8"]

Crazy Hub compatible. This gives you the possibility of up to 12 different height adjustments to raise and lower your board! Now you can dial in your favorite riding height like never before!!

Same weight as stock but 35% stronger

Better heat dissipation than stock rails

Don't forget to order a GT Motor Harness/Plug Retainer!! This retainer was developed out of the need to prevent and/or correct the growing issue of broken plug retaining rings on the GT.  We HIGHLY recommend installing this product as preventive maintenance. Click HERE for more details.


USA & Canada ONLY at this time.