Foot Pad Sensor Epoxy Sealent / Plastic Repair Kit

Foot Pad Sensor Epoxy Sealent / Plastic Repair Kit

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Wanting to waterproof your front foot pad sensor?! Or have a FM bumper with a busted thread insert? This is your permanent solution! This is not your normal Epoxy! We have specially formulated this epoxy with fillers to enhance the performance making this Epoxy completly Flexible allowing it to absorb impacts! Unlike most epoxies that cure in 5min making them brittle and week this epoxy takes 8hours! This allows for the Epoxy to cure and harden while still being completly flexible!  The self mixing applicator tip takes all the guess work out of it while the precision syringe tip gives you the controll you need while applying the thin bead around your foot pad sensor. Or getting into those hard to reach places. 

Kit includes:

Epoxy Part A & B

Mixing nozzle 

Precision Applicator Tip