EVA Foam Surf Traction Pads for OverLander Owl Lifters

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1WP EVA Foam Surf Traction Pads are great for adding style and comfort to your OverLander Owls!  Our unique 2 piece design securely wraps around the Owl giving our foam added strength & durability. We also add a 8mm "Pillow" in-between the foam that  wraps around the wing portion of the lifter. This pillow of foam acts like an air cushion on top of your foot giving you extra comfort and grip! With over 15 colors of foam to choose from we are confident you will be happy with the look & style of your new set up! We have perforated and laminated this foam with our tried and trued adhesive to ensure easy installation without trapping air pockets behind the foam and adhesive!

These are sold as a pair or individually.