**Custom Order** 007-Xtendo Skeleton Rails - GTS / VESC

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Looking for something completely custom? Not seeing the color options you want on our website? No worries, we have you covered! We are now accepting special orders! Typical turn around time is between 6-10 weeks depending on work load. We look forward to seeing all the crazy options everyone comes up with! 
**All custom orders are final!! Cancelations will be charged a 15% re-restocking fee. If you are needing to do a change order you will be charged a $20 fee per occurrence**

007 rails have 0 degree nose angle and 7 degree tail angle for tail clearance and a level nose, perfect for aggressive riders and racers who desire a forward riding bias without any controller tilt concerns.

357 rails offer 3.5 degree nose angle and 7 degree tail angle. These rails give a more locked in feeling with a 10.5 degree combined foot pad angle. These rails have proven to be very popular with casual riders and pro racers alike! Many pro level races have been won on this profile rail!

007 & 357-Xtendo have a increased wheel opening of 1/4" per side, giving it an extra 1/2" of wheel clearance! This opens the door for more tire options like the Burris 11.5x7.0x6.0 without having to VESC your board! Xtendo Rails are only compatible with the OEM GTS & VESC set ups. The GT is NOT COMPATIBLE!! At the present moment Future Motion GT's do not have the extra wiring harness length needed to be compatible with these rails. Our Narrow width N52 6" Billet is the ONLY 6" Hub on the market that is compatible with the Xtendo Rails. You will also need ICE Blocks to get the extra wire clearance needed to install the Xtendo Rails.

These rails share our commitment to the utmost in performance, light weight, serviceability, durability, and aesthetics while stepping it up a notch!

We have improved these rails in the following ways;

#1 Lighter weight through careful analysis of material distribution, removing weight where there is no performance benefit.

#2 Two height positions without requiring additional carriers.

#3 Stock axle carrier compatibility for cost savings.

#4 Acces slots that are compatible with our new Ice Blocks. The slots allow you to adjust the boards height without having to remove the rails. (Our old Crazy Hub design will work with the rails, however you will not be able to access the adjustment screws through the slots).

#5 Improved compliance for a more refined ride.

#6 Improved air flow through the rail for controller and motor cooling.

Try these rails in conjunction with our new Ice Block axle carriers for the ultimate chassis setup!