**Custom Order** 6" Billet Wheel - GTS/GT/Pint X/Pint/XR

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Looking for something completely custom? Not seeing the color options you want on our website? No worries, we have you covered! We are now accepting special orders! Typical turn around time is between 6-10 weeks depending on work load. We look forward to seeing all the crazy options everyone comes up with! 
**All cutom orders are final!! Cancelations will be charged a 15% re-restocking fee. If you are needing to do a change order you will be charged a $20 fee per occurrence**

All billet wheels are stronger and have better heat dissipation over stock wheels. Being machined from a solid block of aluminum versus cast of the stock wheels. Also, all of our wheels have increased magnet strength versus stock GT magnets and we offer magnets that are even stronger than stock GTS magnets! Stronger magnets give higher torque off the line and stronger braking.

6 inch wheels offer greater tire sidewall than the stock GT/GTS wheels. This taller sidewall gives a smoother ride and lighter weight. Beyond that, 6 inch diameter gives far greater tire choices than stock 6.5 inch diameter!

5 inch diameter wheels takes that greater sidewall principal to the limit! This is the softest ride you can achieve for chunky off-road riding. The trade off of 5 inch diameter versus 6 inch diameter is a more vague ride feel and far fewer tire choices available.

If you ride rough off-road, go with 5 inch diameter. If you are a street rider primarily, go with the 6 inch diameter.

We also offer narrow width or wide for each wheel diameter. Generally, narrow is more nimble and wider is more stable.

As you can see, we offer MANY options to tune your board to exactly what you desire! We can assist you with your choice as well!