**Coming Soon** 1WP Foot Hooks

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**UPDATE 6-7-24**   A ton of you have been asking about our new 1WP Hooks! Here is what we have so far! We plan on releasing these in the next couple of weeks as we build up inventory. 

The D65 (Extremely Stiff) ONLY COMES IN BLACK if you select a color you will only recieve a black set!!

These Hooks are DIALED in for Onewheelers! Rather you are a beginner or pro we have you covered! When designing our own wing we had 1 simple goal. Our goal was to to create the most comfortable foot holds on the market without sacrificing performance & style. We hope you enjoy our new designs and colors!

Rather you want to be locked in or just want something there to keep you from sliding off the board we have you covered. We have 3 Hook Stiffnesses ranging from our flexible D45 to our Extremely Stiff D65 option. What is this D45/D55/D65 all about!? The "D" is for Durometer. Durometer is the scale for rating the softness/hardness of the rubber on the Hooks.

D45 (Semi-Stiff/Flexible) = Its more of a foot stop /hold. This is great for someone wanting to bail out easily. However it will not give your foot the hold it needs to be able to do jumps from a standing position. Available in all colors.

D55 (Stiff) = This is our most popular stiffness. Its the best of both worlds! Available in all colors.

D65 (Extremely Stiff-BLACK ONLY) = This is for the extreme riders! But don't worry! there is still some flex so your feet wont be complaining!! However you are very much locked in. These wings will allow you to have the most extreme experience on your Onewheel possible! This is the favorite stiffness for our top level racer Jeff Adair! Sorry, these are Only available in black! If you select a color for D65 you will be sent a BLACK Hook, and not the color selected. Yes we know this is confusing. Unfortunately our website limits us on how we can list a product.