CBV1 Original Onewheel Battery System Upgrade

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What’s a Battery System?

·         Battery Pack

·         Integrated Battery Management System

·         High performance mini fast-charger

·         Increase in board security due to hidden on-off switch.

·         Plug-and-play


  • Known working on ALL Onewheel Plus hardware versions!

  • Get almost stock Onewheel+ XR range!

  • Our mini fast-charger is engineered to ensure little to no excessive cell degradation to your new pack!

  • Amazing shock protection. Take this pack on any jumps you want, it can handle whatever you can throw at it!

  • This battery will have more cycle life than the stock Plus pack!

  • Over double the range compared to the stock Plus battery!

  • Same or better torque characteristics as the Onewheel+ XR!

    • Based on tester reviews

  • The included mini fast-charger will recharge the CB+ from 0 – 95% in about 1 hour and 15 minutes

  • Large drops, rough riding and impacts are not a problem for the CB+!


Click here for a comprehensive installation video

  • Almost no housing mods needed at all!

    • Just drill a small hole in the housing!

  • Swap back to your stock battery at any point in time!

  • This battery can work with previously installed battery mods! (although, it is a bit more difficult)

Step 1 - Purchase this Service

Step 2 - Follow this Guide for shipping instructions


Battery removal Guide

Self install Video

We test all of our batteries thoroughly before shipping to prevent any DOA's or issues. We test all batteries on custom made test machines as well as in a Onewheel.

Technical Specs:

  • Known working on ALL Onewheel Plus hardware versions!

  • Cells are UN 38.3 Tested SAFE and have been used in similar applications for years!

  • 14s2p configuration, this is the largest cell count battery available for the Onewheel Plus!

  • 40 amps of continuous discharge. The continuous discharge rating is key, it is what allows the full capacity of the pack be realized!

  • Based on independent tests, this cell is rated to ~600-700 full cycles

    • That means fully drained from full to zero, if you drained from full to half, that only counts as half a cycle

  • Even after ~600-700 cycles this battery is still going to get 70% of its original charge!

  • Professionally manufactured with industrial level equipment and assembled by battery builders who have built thousands of batteries without failure.

  • This system includes an in-built BMS. Your stock BMS will not be needed anymore.

  • Pure nickel strip construction, insulated positive cell terminals, multiple layers of insulation including, heat resistant Kapton tape, abrasion resistant fish paper, fire retardant structural fiber tape and wear resistant PVC wrapping. This battery is wrapped in shock absorbing foam to protect itself from any sort of impacts.

BE SURE TO CHARGE TO 100% when you receive your battery before riding!

The install price includes cells and labor and return shipping to you. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot offer a warranty on your Onewheel as it is an aftermarket modification, all units are tested before shipping. This will void your warranty with Future Motion. There is a $15 shipping charge when you purchase will goes towards shipping the Unit back to you.