Armor-Dilloz Maximum Effect Tire Protection (Red 'Dillo)

Armor-Dilloz Maximum Effect Tire Protection (Red 'Dillo)

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Developed for the military, this is the product to use when performance counts! 

Super thick slurry, filled with extra ballistic fibers, high-tech suspension agents, variable particle size fillers, and corrosion inhibitors to protect your tires and wheels.  Suitable for any vehicle which operates under 30 MPH such as OneWheels, lawn equipment, and rock crawlers.

This is the best onewheel tire sealant on the planet. Anything short of a Bowie knife is going to be plugged by this sealant from the legend Cory Boehne himself. Glass, scissors, screwdrivers… say goodbye to tire puncture anxiety. Check out the sealant being put to the test and decide for yourself:

Includes 8 oz of sealant (enough for up to two tires) and a valve stem. Instructions here.

  • Rapidly seals large punctures
  • Rapidly seals slow leaks (leaks due to the tire’s natural porosity, around the valve stem, etc.)
  • Single treatment lasts the life of the tire
  • Does not separate into a watery mess
  • Water washable
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Tires can still be repaired
  • Freeze protected
  • Does not react with or damage tires
  • Does not react with or damage steel or aluminum wheels
  • Seals ~95% of punctures in the tread area of most tires
  • Seals ~70% of tread area punctures on tires with inner tubes
  • Even seals sidewall punctures!
  • Will last 10+ years in the tire