1WP Hookers - Foot Hook Adapter for Onewheel GT / GTS

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 Sale ends on June 1st!!

**GT Stock Concave Footpad Hookers In-Stock and shipping**

**Pre-Order for GTS Lowboy Hookers are expected to ship around June 1st**

1WP Hookers are an ADAPTER!! They do not include the hooks that mount on top! Hooks are SOLD SEPERATLY!! Hookers are compatible with Dragan V2 & Tomi Boi Hooks. They can be purchased on our website using the following links.



The 1WP Hookers are here!! We decided to launch this product with a HP MJF Printed Nylon vs Aluminum. MJF 3D Printing is not your normal style of 3D printing, it is the pinnacle of 3D Printing! These are printed on $500k machine!! More info can be found here. Our testing with this material has shown us that our Hookers are indestructible and only half the cost of our aluminum version!! The Aluminum version of the 1WP Hooker is expected to be released later this summer/early fall.

Hookers are a game changer for trail riding, curb nudging/jumping, and carving! Hookers give your feet just the right amount of grip/grab to help you easily clear obstacles and rough terrain like never before! We recommend the angled version for your front foot so you can bail out easier when having to run out a crash.

With each 1WP Hooker we include 4qty M5x22mm screws that will allow you to attach your hooks to our "Hooker" & "Quickie" foot hook adapters. 1WP Hookers are height and angle adjustable! We also include a 8mm Spacer to lift your hook up, and a Wedge to decrease the hooks angle by  for that perfect fit! With our screw hardware we also include both a T-20 & TP-25 bit to install the screws as well as a drill bit to pre drill your holes into your footpad. 

Installation of 1WP hookers is a breeze! We include all the screw hardware and drill bit needed for a successful install. Hookers are installed by attaching them to the outer edge of your footpads. 1WP Hookers were designed to fit over the stock grip tape and sensor. If you have foam grip tape you will need to cut the grip tape to the shape of the hooker. We recommend using our pre-cut grip tape for the hookers that can be purchased on our website. The 1WP Hookers are compatible with Onewheel GT Stock Concave & Lowboy Footpads ONLY. For all other footpads we have "Quickies"! The 1WP Hookers are compatible with Dragan V2 hooks, Tomi Boi, as well as a set of hooks that we have in development that will be released shortly! Dragan V1 hooks are NOT COMPATIBLE with our 1WP Hookers.

A ton of people have been asking if these will be available for other footpads. Yes, we plan on making these for other footpads! We had to start somewhere, and stock GT sounded like a good place! Development/release usually takes a few months to happen, so please be patient while we work on all the other designs! We also have a product called "Quickies" 1WP Quickies are a universal footpad adapter that are compatible with Dragan V2 hooks, Tomi Boi, as well as a set of hooks that we have in development that will be released shortly! Dragan V1 hooks are NOT COMPATIBLE with our 1WP Quickies or Hookers. Quickies can easily be attached to any footpad that has V4 Custom Force Sensor. Quickies are NOT COMPATIBLE with Stock Future Motion Sensors.

INSTALL VIDEO: This is a quick video we made to show how to install. We will have a new more detailed video coming out in the next couple of days.