Ignite Grip Tape [Big Money]
Ignite Grip Tape [Big Money]

Ignite Grip Tape [Big Money]

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Adding one of our stock designs to your grip tape is a great way to give your board a fresh new look.  We print directly to the surface of the grip tape with ink that's as tough as the grip tape itself! So you wont have to worry about the images rubbing off!  

This 24 grit grip tape is extra gritty to insure you can stay attached to your board better than ever before! No matter what your foot pad style is we have you covered! We have measured almost every REAR & FRONT footpad available to date on the market to ensure a perfect fit!

Tired of foot fatigue? Are your feet slipping around?  Ignite 24grit Griptape can also be paired with our 1/8" EVA foam to create our "non-concave" version of the Ignite Launchpads.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Please click on the video below for complete instructions on how to install Ignite LaunchPads and Griptape.

**When removing the front pad grip tape be sure you DO NOT REMOVE the top layer of plastic on the front foot pad sensor. ALWAYS remove tape by pulling it across the surface of the foot pad. NEVER PULL AWAY from the foot pad in a Upwards motion which can cause the sensor to delaminate and cause engagement issues**

WARNING: Stock grip tape removal or adding a pad to your front sensor can be potentially hazardous - DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK.  1Wheel Parts is not responsible for bodily injury or board damages.


  • 24 Grit / Optional EVA foam padding
  • Perforated for easy install